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Let’s talk self care.  Self Care is a phrase thrown around quite a bit lately.  What does it really mean?

Self care is just what it impies.  Taking care of yourself.  Feeding yourself properly.  Resting yourself properly.  Exercising yourself.  Doing something every day that makes you truly happy!  

Why is self care important?  If you don’t take care of yourself, who is going to?  If you can’t take care of yourself and you get sick, or worse, who is going to take care of everyone else when you can’t?   Imagine yourself as a car ( I prefer to choose a nice shiny sleek sports car )  The car, you, needs to be filled with fuel when it is low.  The car, you, needs regular maintenance to be able to run properly and be reliable when needed.    So what happens when the car doesn’t  get regular oil changes & tune ups?  The car is useless to anyone when it is broken down and doesn’t work.  If you had scheduled the maintenance, the car would be operating at top performance not broken down, costing you time and money.    

Do YOU get regular maintenance?  Do you fill YOURSELF up with fuel?  Do you even know what your fuel is?  Please take the time to consider what really fills you up with joy?  Yes, you need the proper nourishment fuel;  healthy fats, lots of lean proteins,  delicious fruits and veggies, 8 glasses of water each day…………….. you already know all of this but consider what fills your soul.  What makes you happy?  Realize what it is and make a plan to add it to your routine, guilt free! Make it attainable and realistic.  

Creating new healthy habits can be easy.  If you need help, hypnosis is an excellent tool to get you on track !

Don’t wait until you are broken down on the side of the road before you add regular maintenance to your day. 

Wishing you wellness and contentment.


Written By Marie

Like many of you, Marie has struggled with her weight her entire life. She has tried every fad diet, shake, pill, cleanse, diet plan, all of it. Nothing worked. In reality, she didn’t work the programs. When health issues became apparent, she had to get serious. Marie committed to hypnosis. SHE had to make the changes in her life, no one or no plan was going to do it for her. With hypnosis and the McFall weight management program, Marie is achieving success. Working the plan is easy and provides lasting results.


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