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Following this introduction is an article forwarded to me by Dr. David Gratzer, Co-chief
General Adult Psychiatry and Health Systems Division CAMH.

I hope you find this article as useful as I did. Amid the statistics, I found hope. I found hope that the state of our Canadian Mental Health is able to improve. By this I mean I see signs that our Health System is becoming more aware of the dire state that those experiencing mental illness are in. I find hope that those who make the decisions, will find the funds to inject into the Mental Health System so the good people who are able to help those in need will be able to provide that help in facilities designed to help. I find hope that those who need help with their mental health issues will be able to access help.

In the mean time, continue to start and participate in conversations regarding mental health. Learn the differences between mental health and mental illness. Talk about it, learn about it, do something about it. Listen. Hope.

If you are experiencing mental illness and need help, please do not hesitate to reach out for help. call 911, call CAMH 1 800 463-6273. Call a friend. Just make the call to someone you trust to help you find the mental health provider you need.

If you would like to investigate the possibility of hypnosis as a tool to manage your stress, please contact me for a free consultation where I will answer all your questions and show you how I can help you.

This is an excellent article. I hope you find hope here too.

Written By Marie

Like many of you, Marie has struggled with her weight her entire life. She has tried every fad diet, shake, pill, cleanse, diet plan, all of it. Nothing worked. In reality, she didn’t work the programs. When health issues became apparent, she had to get serious. Marie committed to hypnosis. SHE had to make the changes in her life, no one or no plan was going to do it for her. With hypnosis and the McFall weight management program, Marie is achieving success. Working the plan is easy and provides lasting results.


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