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What do you want?  What do you really, really want?

Do you want to be richer? happier?  smarter? successful-er?

What do you really really want?  Dig deeper.  What is the reason you are not reaching your goals?  Fear of failure?  Fear of rejection?  Fear you are not enough?  

  Many of us struggle with not reaching our goals. We make goals. We don’t achieve them then we give up. Over and over the pattern goes. Sound familiar? What if you could change that pattern? What if you COULD reach your goals?

First you must figure out why you aren’t reaching your goals. There may be several reasons why.

1.  Is the goal reasonable & attainable? ie. I want to be healthy and fit next week vs  be healthy and fit in 6 months

2.  is the goal realistic?  I want to fly to the moon next week

3.  is the goal what you truly want? – my wife wants me to stop smoking.

4.  how much time and effort are you willing to apply to reaching your goal – it’s not magic.  

5 Can you take responsibility for your actions?  – I want to loose weight but my family is all overweight.  It’s genetic.

Once you establish why you aren’t reaching your goals, change how you go about them. Are you waiting for the opportunity to come to you? Are you facing your goal head on and going for it? Maybe you need a little help figuring it out and with some motivation. Hypnosis can help with so much.  Anything you want to change, improve or eliminate can be done with hypnosis.  

What is your goal(s)?  Make them clear and attainable, realistic and yours.  Then get out there and do it!  (thanks Nike).   If you need help to get started, contact me.  Hypnosis can make reaching your goals easy and FUN! Yes it can!!

Written By Marie

Like many of you, Marie has struggled with her weight her entire life. She has tried every fad diet, shake, pill, cleanse, diet plan, all of it. Nothing worked. In reality, she didn’t work the programs. When health issues became apparent, she had to get serious. Marie committed to hypnosis. SHE had to make the changes in her life, no one or no plan was going to do it for her. With hypnosis and the McFall weight management program, Marie is achieving success. Working the plan is easy and provides lasting results.


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