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Weight Control

Hypnosis can help with cravings and
replacement eating.

Stop Smoking

Hypnosis can help make quitting easier and fast

Custom Plans

Contact New Leaf Hypnosis Centre for a free
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Hypnosis can help
You with…

  • Weight Loss & Management
  • Stop Smoking
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Stress Management
  • Fear elimination
  • Breaking Habits
  • Improving Relationships
  • Pain Management
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Sports Performance
  • Academic Performance
  • Hypnosis For Kids & Teenagers
  • Other programs available upon request

Together we will customize a program specifically for you.

Are you under 19 and want to quit smoking? Let us help with our free program.

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Contact New Leaf Hypnosis Centre for a free consultation to see if Hypnosis is right for you.

What you can expect from hypnosis & New Leaf Hypnosis Centre?


  • To achieve the results you desire, is top priority
  • You will receive proven techniques from a trained hypnotist, to help you to achieve your specific goal
  • You will learn techniques for self-hypnosis to continue your self improvement journey for years to come
  • To help you achieve results, you will receive audio recordings specific to your goals


  • What is said in session, stays in session


  • Client confidentiality
  • One on one sessions to help you achieve your specific goal
  • Hypnotist is trained in up to date techniques and practices
  • Hypnotist participates in continuing education
  • Personalized plans to help you achieve your goals, often including personal communication outside of session.

Safety & Piece of Mind

  • Hypnosis is 100% safe
  • All sessions are audio and video recorded

Success with hypnosis

Success with hypnosis depends on several variables which include the motivation, cooperation, attitude and attendance of the client.

Although it is not possible to guarantee human behaviour, New Leaf Hypnosis Centre provides this service promise to clients: As people are different, so is the time needed for individuals to reach their personal goal.  We will work with you to develop a customized plan to help you to reach your desired outcome .


About Marie


Hypnotist, Owner of New Leaf Hypnosis Centre

Marie has long worked in the helping industry and gained valuable knowledge and techniques along the way.  Recently completing a Neuro Linguistic Programing course (NLP) and curently working on a councelling diploma, Marie is always looking for new and effective methods to help those who need help.    Non traditional and unique techniques are used along with hypnosis to achieve the client’s goals.  Every person is different as is their goals and the ways in which that person learns, communicates, feels and reacts.    Marie will work with the client to reach the goals  with methods individual to that person. One technique does not work for everyone.

Like many of you, Marie has struggled with her weight her entire life. She has tried every fad diet, shake, pill, cleanse, diet plan, all of it. Nothing worked. In reality, she didn’t work the programs. When health issues became apparent, she had to get serious. Marie committed to hypnosis. SHE had to make the changes in her life, no one or no plan was going to do it for her. Marie is achieving success. Understanding eating habits and how to change them is easy and provides lasting results.

Marie is looking forward to helping all those willling to do the work to help themselves.  Contact her today for a free consultation and see if hypnosis and NLP is the right fit for you.

My Way

Using a combination of effective hypnosis techniques, understanding why I do what I do, using hypnosis to change the negative behaviours and develop the positive ones.  I use  Canada’s Food Guide, and Dr. recommendations.   I have realized weight loss is easy. For the first time in my life I feel like I am in control. I am making the changes in me that caused my unhealthy eating habits. I am committed to making the changes, losing weight, getting more active and getting healthy.

My Process

Self hypnosis is part of this process or plan. Each day I perform self hypnosis to confirm my choices. I take action and make the changes I realized I need to make in order to achieve my goal. I find unhealthy foods are no longer satisfying. Healthy foods taste amazing. It is easy to drink the recommended amounts of water. I exercise daily. I am positive about these changes and look forward to what is to come

My Results

12 months committed to this plan, (November) I am down 26 lbs, 14 1/2

inches and best of all, medications reduced and some eliminated.  My blood pressure normalized, blood sugar levels normalized, cholesterol levels normalized, liver enzymes normalized. Yay!!!!! Half way to my goal, I feel amazing, have more energy than I can remember. Seriously, If I can do it, you can too.


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New Leaf Hypnosis Centre offers training in self-hypnosis for self-help. It is not a medical facility of any kind and does not diagnose or treat medical conditions.
The service provided is for educational purposes only. It is not therapy and is not meant as a replacement for any other intervention.